Healthy Pink and Red Foods for Valentine's Day

Healthy Pink and Red Foods for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be loads of fun for everyone’s dieting needs. Even if you are trying to make healthy choices during this holiday which offers a lot of candy options, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate with something special! Here are a few healthy pink and red foods for Valentine's Day so you can still enjoy the spirit of the holiday. Strawberry Pancakes Pancakes make a great breakfast food! Why not color them pink for Valentine’s Day? You can color pancakes by adding a fruit that is the color you’d like them to be. Mix up your batter as you normally would, and then add in some strawberries to make them a pink color. Put the mix in the blender and be sure to blend well so that there are no chunks. Cook as you normally would and enjoy … [Read More...]

NFL Team Bowls

Ready for Game Day with LTD Commodities + GIVEAWAY

*Sponsored by LTD Commodities. All thoughts are my own.* I remember my mom getting the LTD Commodities catalog when I was growing up. It was always so much fun to go through and create a wish list. We purchased a lot of items from that catalog at great prices. Now it is easier than ever to order from LTD Commodities online. With the big game coming up fast, this is a great time to stock up on football and team memorabilia products from LTD. Just because my team didn't even make the playoffs (cough), doesn't mean I don't want to show off my team pride next Sunday. One of my favorite game day products available is this set of four small football bowls. While intended for chicken wings and sauces, these small bowls can be used in so many … [Read More...]

Homemade Orange Plum Granola

Orange Plum Granola: Healthy Snacking in the New Year #TheFeelGoodFruit #CG

I will admit it. I do not to make New Year's resolutions. Why? They are easy to make but often broken. I decided a while ago that instead of making resolutions at the start of a new year, I should make them when I have the initiative and willpower to follow through. But just because I don't make formal resolutions, doesn't mean I don't want to make smarter choices in the new year. This is especially true for my snacks. Too often I reach for something that sounds good, but doesn't necessarily fill me up or offer enough nutrients. Healthy snacking is an easy way to improve the quality any diet. I was recently invited to add prunes to a favorite snacking recipe to help  me stick with my healthy eating choices. And since I love granola, I … [Read More...]

Giveaway Linky Love Thursday with Baby Loving Mama

List Your Giveaways! {Linky Love #286}

I personally like this format best but you can list it however you like as long as you include an end date and link directly to the giveaway post. Blog Name - Prize (end date) I will do this each Thursday so please come back next week to link up. Here is my current giveaway. Watch for more to come soon! No Nonsense Legwear Essentials Prize Pack ($75) MasterChef Junior Viewing Kit $45 … [Read More...]