Glazed Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Toasted Walnuts #ComeBackNew

Inspired by my recent media trip with Princess Cruises, last week I shared with you a recipe for Bacon Spinach Salad from a cookbook I received on the  Caribbean Princess ship. After experiencing some amazing food and service on board, I wanted to try to a few recipes from the Princess Cruises chefs. While a lot of dishes inspired by their ports of call are in this cookbook, I wanted to find a couple of top notch recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. In the back of the cookbook, in a small section filled with lots of supporting recipes I spotted Glazed Sweet Potatoes. My mom has always made room for some baked sweet potatoes on our Thanksgiving buffet, but she has always served them with butter and pepper. What a great way to spice things … [Read More...]


Holiday Home Printing with a Epson XP-950 Printer + Free Snowman Coloring Page Printable

After surviving through college and over ten years of professional graphic design work, my good old Epson 1280 printer finally bit the dust last summer. I was sad. We'd been through many a late night project together and I loved being able to print 11" x 17" paper. That said, I guess ten years is pretty exceptional for a printer to last with heavy use! Epson offered me the opportunity to upgrade with a review of a shiny new Epson XP-950 printer. To say I was impressed is an understatement. This "small in one " home printer uses six inkjet cartridges which are easy to install. The included software shows your remaining ink levels so you can replace just one color at a time instead of wasting money tossing an entire color cartridge when it … [Read More...]

Kwilt App on iPhone

Streamline Your Photos with the Kwilt App #Kwilting

*This post is brought to you by Kwilt and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.* I love sharing pictures of my life on social media. I take even more pictures on my phone that I never share online and many that are on only one social platform.  I was recently introduced to a new app for my iPhone that allows photo aggregation that is easy to use and a cross-platform experience. You can use this mobile application to access photos streams from multiple platforms into a seamless, elegant destination. It then displays them in a unique mosaic design known as a Kwilt. What is so special about Kwilt? Kwilt is the first mobile app to automatically create a personal and complete live digital photo stream by gathering users’ digital images … [Read More...]

Duracell Batteries for Holiday Gifts

Don’t Forget the Duracell Batteries Under the Tree #PowerTheHolidays

*This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Duracell. All thoughts are my own.* Until I had kids, I didn't worry too much about batteries. We definitely went through them, but not like I do now as a parent of three kids. And it comes to holiday gift opening, nothing is more disappointing for a child who receives a gift that requires batteries, but they aren't included. Unfortunately those toys that do include them for testing purposes typically have the cheap kind that never last long. This holiday season, don't forget the practical, but important gift of batteries! And definitely don't forget Duracell, which are guaranteed for 10 years in storage. (Not that it takes that long for me to use them in our house!) No one said batteries … [Read More...]