Fruit and Veggie Turkey for Thanksgiving Snack

Fruit and Veggie Turkey: Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Snack

Getting my kids to eat their veggies isn't always easy. Fruit is never a problem but when it comes to certain vegetables, they need a bit of an incentive. That is why I love creative ideas like this one made by Jill Schultz. This fruit and veggie turkey is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving and encourage healthy snacking for your kids. You can always take it a step further and let your kids create their own fruit and veggie turkey using assorted fruits and vegetables. Serve with ranch, veggie dip or hummus.   Easy Fruit and Veggie Turkey 1 Bosc or Barlett pear, cut in half 1 baby carrot  (nose and feet) 1 yellow pepper, seeded and cut into slices 1 red pepper, seeded and cut into slices 2 Wilton candy eyes white … [Read More...]


5 Ways to Teach Kids Kindness

Teaching kindness to children is an important lesson to share no matter the age. My friend Joy Morgan Dey and her daughter Anna Skarie recently wrote and published a new book, One Gorilla, which they sent to us to enjoy. The children's book focuses on the idea of paying kindness forward. Joy and Anna share their suggestions here for five ways to teach kids kindness. They include some wonderful examples of children's books that share the lesson of kindness. My daughter and I sat down to read One Gorilla today and absolutely loved the watercolor illustrations by artist Nikki Johnson. Nikki truly makes these animals come to life. One of our favorites is the lemur. Will these naughty jungle animals learn the lesson of kindness and … [Read More...]


Ten Easy Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Home

Changing the decor throughout the year can breathe new life into your home. Whether you enjoy making simple seasonal touches or going all out for holidays, it is a good way to keep things fresh.  Decorating your space for Halloween is extra fun. You can keep things effortless with some pumpkins or create an entirely spooky space with key pieces and simple touches. But regardless of how elaborate you go, here are 10 easy Halloween decor ideas, courtesy of online retailer Halloween Costumes. Halloween Costumes makes it easy to create any of these looks with their Full Scenes section under Halloween decorations. All 21 scenes are effortless to purchase and replicate. Items available for purchase in the scene will have a green dot while any … [Read More...]

Pampers Babies R Us Babys First Halloween Giveaway

Pampers & Babies “R” Us Baby’s First Halloween Event in Stores + GIVEAWAY

*This is a sponsored conversation. All thoughts are my own.* I will never forget the joy in seeing each of my sweet babies dressed up in an adorable costume for Halloween. Each time was special and a great picture worthy moment. It may seem like a small milestone, but that first year of life seems to go so fast. Why not take every opportunity to celebrate? Lucian was an adorable pumpkin for his first Halloween. We didn't actually do any trick or treating, but we took him to our local mall for their Halloween event. We had the chance to show him off and get into the spirit as we pushed him in his stroller! He loved watching the other kids. We followed the tradition when Warren was born shortly after so we didn't have to take them out in … [Read More...]