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List Your Giveaways! {Linky Love #273}

I personally like this format best but you can list it however you like as long as you include an end date and link directly to the giveaway post. Blog Name - Prize (end date) I will do this each Thursday so please come back next week to link up. Here are my current giveaways. Watch for more to come soon! Tommee Tippee Fall Essentials Prize Pack $70 … [Read More...]

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Ready for Fall with Tommee Tippee GIVEAWAY #tommeemommee

Today is the first day of October, and fall has certainly hit in Minnesota. I love this season and wish it lasted longer.  My trees have turned some amazing colors, even though we had crazy temperatures this past week. We experienced a whole lot of sun and a weekend with highs of 80.  We have an acre and a half in town and my yard is definitely a kaleidoscope of fall colors.  Beautiful, right? I'e also been having fun with my little guy, Wesley. We've been busy picking apples and making all sorts of goodies during the day  like apple butter, apple sauce and caramel apple bars. Have you seen the apple tree in my backyard? Apples, apples, everywhere! I love my two year old helper ,who is truly helpful. Plus he is learning all sorts of … [Read More...]

donut acorns

Donut Acorns: Kid Friendly Fall Snack

If you are on pinterest a lot, you may have noticed these fun donut acorns floating around. Jill Schultz decided to try them out herself, with a few twists thrown in of course. These acorns are a perfect way to celebrate fall or Thanksgiving and make for a kid-friendly snack and project.  You can use a chocolate hazelnut spread like Nutella, your favorite chocolate frosting, or creamy peanut butter. Either way, this snack is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Almost anything will work for sprinkling on the tops. Whether you use nuts, coconut, toffee bits or chocolate sprinkles (jimmies), these donut acorns are sure to look adorable when presented! (Of course they will taste great too.) Donut Acorns Ingredients One package of … [Read More...]

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Hairfinity: Hair Vitamins that Encourage Growth #hairfinity

I will never forget the time I walked into a national chain salon for a quick haircut over a decade ago. I had recently gotten married and was working hard at my office job. I was in a hurry and simply simply looking for an inexpensive haircut. What I got was an inexperienced stylist. I asked for few inches off with layers, but it started to go very wrong half way through. The stylist was in tears when she quickly realized she had cut way too much off, and didn't know how to save the haircut. I tried to be kind, but it was rather frustrating. A supervisor stepped in and did the best she could with what was left. I walked out of that salon feeling very sad. I had never had such short hair before, and I simply wasn't prepared to have hair … [Read More...]