Pop Secret Movie Night Mix Ins

Family Movie Night Popcorn Mix-In Ideas with Pop Secret | Perfect Pop App #PerfectPop #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn

*This article is sponsored by Pop Secret. All thoughts are my own.* On Friday night we decided to have another fun family movie night, complete with pizza for dinner and popcorn for a snack. This time around, we decided to offer fun mix-ins to enjoy with Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter popcorn. Yum! Nothing beats this salty snack and movies just aren't the same without popcorn! But have you ever burned popcorn? I'll never forget the time a co-worker burned popcorn in our microwave at work. I know that it can be tricky to cook popcorn, especially with an unfamiliar microwave. And those "popcorn" button options on microwaves can be misleading. In this case, they used that button and made the mistake of walking away. The smell was … [Read More...]

Pear Soccer 31

Soccer Sponsorship Made Easy With Pear and Ritz Bits #RitzBitsTeams

*This is a sponsored post  written by me on behalf of Global Influence.* This year will mark our families third soccer season.  My daughter Danica joined when she was 5 years old.  We decided to sign her up to help her gain some confidence and stay active.  We soon learned that they had a severe lack of coaches, so I volunteered my husband Kyle to coach.  He and I had NO soccer experience, but we were assured that for a U6 team we could get help and figure it out.  We did figure it out, and now 3 years later, Kyle is getting ready to coach his 3rd U6 soccer team, with my son Kurt in U6 and my daughter Danica in U8.  It has really been a fun activity for all of our family as we learn about teamwork, staying active, and confidence. All of … [Read More...]

DIY Glitter Magnets

DIY Glitter Magnets : Easy Craft Tutorial

I love these glitter magnets that are surprisingly easy to make.  Once again, Jamie Satterwaite has shared a super easy craft! Imagine making some for your child's locker for back to school, as homemade holiday gifts or as just a fun project.  Since you can find virtually any color of nail polish you can imagine, it would be easy to design colorful color schemes. Imagine switching them out during different holidays. Red, white and blue for patriotic holidays.  Orange, purple and black for Halloween. Red, green, silver and gold for Christmas. Red, pink and white for Valentine's Day. I could go on and on! Materials Needed: Clear Glass Pebbles (You can get them at the Dollar Store) Magnetic Tape Nail Polish Clear Nail … [Read More...]

Giveaway Linky Love Thursday with Baby Loving Mama

List Your Giveaways! {Linky Love #262}

I personally like this format best but you can list it however you like as long as you include an end date and link directly to the giveaway post. Blog Name - Prize (end date) I will do this each Thursday so please come back next week to link up. Here are my current giveaways. Watch for more to come soon! Big G Cereals Movie Night Pack $100 Teleflora $75 gift code … [Read More...]