Goodbye Elf on a Shelf, Hello Elf Magic

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You may remember a couple of weeks ago I asked your opinion on The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole Pixie-Elf which I had discovered while browsing on Amazon. The major thing at the time keeping me from purchasing was a slight creep factor associated with the look of the elf. That seemed to be the biggest turn off for many of you who were hesitant.

After talking it over with my husband we’ve decided not to try this tradition out this year but want to reconsider next year. I talked earlier this month of my two year old Warren being scared of monsters and unfortunately he still is getting frightened often. We don’t want to add to this fear by talking of magically elves that move around in the night, as much fun as it sounds. Perhaps next year when he is a little older and has outgrown this fear we will try this out.

But I had to tell you about another similar product that was brought to my attention after my post. If you are considering adding an elf tradition, I think that Elf Magic is a great choice. Aren’t they adorable?

Here they are: the original, adorable Elf Magic Elves™ that magically visit children during the Christmas season and enrich lives with a timeless Christmas tradition. Santa himself placed an embroidered snowflake over each Elf’s heart so everyone will know that these are indeed his authentic Elf Magic Elves. With their companionship, hugs, adventures and love, these Magic Elves create memories the whole family will cherish for a lifetime. They magically arrive straight from the North Pole excited to become a part of your family and bring everything needed to start the Magic Elf “Timeless Christmas Tradition” in your home.

No creep factor associated with these dolls at all! They also offer some great accessories such as pajamas, a suitcase for them to sleep in and a Book and DVD combo which has Santa explaining Elf Magic.

So what do you think? Seeing this alternative choice would it change your mind about the tradition being creepy? If given a choice, would you choose Elf Magic over Elf on a Shelf? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclosure: This post is not influenced by any monetary compensation and is simply something I wanted to share with readers. My thoughts and opinions remain 100% my own and yours may differ!

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  1. says

    As I shared on your previous post, Elf Magic elves are wonderful! My boys have several of them and love them. They are very cute, not creepy at all, and we really look forward to the Elf Magic tradition every year! I highly recommend them!

  2. Carrie says

    I hear that a good bit about Elf on the Shelf being creepy, I hear a lot of great things about what the tradition means for their families though and that’s always a good thing. Their website is pretty awesome too with so much to see and do! I will say that if your 2 years old is scared of monsters you should check out their newest toy, Light in the Night,, it’s pretty cute :).

  3. says

    I agree with you! My kids are also ages 2 & 4. My 4yo understands Christmas and my 2yo just repeats what she says – he really doesn’t understand it. I know next year, we’ll be doing Elf Magic. Elf on a Shelf is a tad creepy looking. Happy Holidays!

  4. Rachel C says

    Yes, the Elf Magic ones are definitely cuter! The other one looks like the old fashioned elf ornaments that my mom has from when she was little.

  5. says

    It’s amazing what a difference the look in the elf makes. I would not buy that first one. Creepy. But the elf magic is adorable. I went over and looked at them and am thinking about getting the book. I just wish the elves weren’t $30 a piece, because I’d love to get one for each of my boys.

  6. kiersten says

    I am confused, what do the elf Magic Elves do? Besides the look of the Elves, what is the difference? I agree though, I like the look of the Elf Magic Elves…but what is the difference?

    • Ryan says

      Hi Kiersten,

      Elf Magic elves do not watch children and report back to Santa on their behavior. Rather, they visit homes to be held, loved, and played with. Also, as has been the tradition since it began in the ’50s, most Elf Magic elves participate in nightly adventures (such as “taking” the family’s car out for a drive or toilet papering the living room) that delight children as they awake the next morning.

  7. Susan Easterday says

    I know this is a year late, but my kids love their Elf-Magic elves. I get tons of ideas from their website, and add a little accessory or something each year. Our children got them when they were each 4 years old. My daughter is always amazed that they could drive the van to Sbux and back at night when the kids are asleep. My only “beef” with the elves is that they make such a mess. If the kids have time, they always have to clean up after their elves. :-)

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