Wordless Wednesday – Warren Feeling Overwhelmed

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Friday morning we had a fabulous time hosting a Candyland party (more on that to come). The kids had a blast and it was nice to have adults over to chat with. It went by super fast and was a great way to spend a morning! I often wonder why I don’t host them more often. They are a great excuse to the get the house clean before the weekend.

But while some of the kids were doing this….

Warren was hiding. All of a sudden at the start of the game (we had two sets going) he up and left and went to hide in the hallway. This was after about 45 minutes of play time. I went to check on him and he said he needed to be alone. Eventually he made his way here to hide so he’d have a better view of the action in the dining room.

I finally got him to admit to me that there were just too many people. Which was interesting for me since this has never happened before. He is typically excited about meeting new people and loves having guests over. And while nobody was a stranger, it is the first time he’s had this many people over that weren’t family.

It didn’t stop him from joining in the fun a bit later once again and for that I’m thankful.

Every day I’m learning more and more about my boys and they never cease to surprise me.

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  1. says

    Oh goodness, it’s so crazy sometimes how our kids react to a situation. I’m so glad he joined in on the fun. Hope you’re staying warm!!

  2. says

    Isn’t it funny how when you think you have it figured out.. they change! Such is life I suppose. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday (Ground Hog Day).

  3. says

    Awwww. Poor Warren. My daughter gets the same way, and I finally realized that is why she was crying when I left her at school at the school she used to go to. All of the kids would just flock to her when we would get there and it was just too much for her. I’m glad Warren was able to work it out and eventually join the group again. :-D

    Happy WW! Thanks for the linky. Stop by mine to see my little pudding face! Have a great day!

  4. says

    #2 sometimes goes in his room and draws when he senses that things are getting out of hand. That, or freaks out and tries to punch me in the knee. He’s unpredictable like that.

  5. Jamie p says

    Aww, sometimes I think my oldest will be that way too. It reminds us that they are still little even though they may act big. :)

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