QuickSmart 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet {Holiday Gift Guide}

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My favorite baby products are those that serve multiple purposes. So many items for baby get used for a very short period of time so I appreciate a product that can serve several needs at once. A great example of this is the QuickSmart 3 in 1 travel bassinet. Not only does it function as a portable bassinet (which I love) but it also acts as a diaper bag and changing station for your baby as well!

quicksmart travel bassinet quicksmart travel bassinet

The diaper bag function includes several different storage pockets, including magnetised wipes pocket and another for a diaper changing pad which converts this into a changing station.

Switching from the diaper bag to the travel bassinet took me less than 30 seconds, using no instructions to complete. It is as simple as unlocking a couple of clips, opening the center by separating some velcro and lifting up two boards which give structure to the ends of the bassinet and covering them before securing the piece with velcro. (See picture above.)

When set up as a bassinet it is very easy to access the changing table/diaper bag compartments while still keeping them out of reach of your baby and handles make it easy to maneuver.  The removable cotton sheet makes it simple and easy to wash and the exterior is durable and allows for easy cleaning as well.

The only downside to this set is the diaper bag isn’t necessarily what I’d enjoy carrying for my diaper bag for time I don’t feel the need for a bassinet. The shape and style isn’t what I’d typically choose. That being said, this set is super functional and definitely something look forward to using for my baby.

I can see this 3 in 1 travel bassinet as a great travel companion for the holidays or gift idea for the new baby. It would work fabulous for overnight stays, including hotel rooms, or during holiday gatherings to give your baby a comfortable place to sleep.  And because it is small, easy to carry and multipurpose, you won’t have to lug around a lot of unnecessary gear! Forget taking that huge play yard for your infant.

CATEGORY: Gifts for Baby

PRODUCT: QuickSmart 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet

AGES: Infants to 19.8 lbs.

BUY IT: These retail for $74.99 and are available on the QuickSmart website.

Disclosure: I received samples for the purpose of this post however no monetary compensation. Thoughts remain 100% my own and yours may differ.

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  1. Eileen says

    My daughter could really use one of these to take with her to visit with the little one. He is going to come HOME from the NICU in 2 days after passing the 4 lb mark. So amazing! He is not going to be able to go out in public much the first year, but this travel bassinet would be perfect to go at least visit family or friends who do not have crib or playyard “accomodations” for him. LOVE the red one! OH, how I wish this was a “gift-away” review Emilie! Maybe someday?

    • Emilie says

      I may be giving one away but it wouldn’t be until later this spring when I can include some pictures with my new baby. Sorry! :( But you are right, this is awesome for all those reasons!

  2. Eileen says

    Hey Emilie, will be looking for more about this then in the spring. It is so awesome to see such cool products out there now for lil ones! Who knows, the way things are going in our family, maybe there will be another announcement soon…LOL> three new babies within 8 months already. It’s wonderful!

  3. dno says

    I had one of these 20 years ago.. I paid $5 for it used and used it with all 4 kids.. I never saw another one. My daughter is now expecting another baby and moving in with us.. wow.. I can’t believe they are so expensive now!

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