Dinner Made Easy With New Campbell’s Skillet Sauces {Review}

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Weeknight dinners can get very hectic around my household.  It seems like we are on the go more and more leaving little time to prepare a proper meal for the family.  Campbell’s recognizes my dinner agony and created the perfect solution, their new Skillet Sauces which require simply require you to add meat.  A very quick simple meal that tastes great!.

Ready in about 15 minutes, they have 6 great tasting varieties:

  • Creamy Chipotle with Roasted Corn & Black Beans
  • Marsala with Mushrooms & Garlic
  • Thai Green Curry with Lemongrass & Basil
  • Toasted Sesame with Garlic & Ginger
  • Fire Roasted Tomato with Red Bell Peppers & Chilies
  • Scampi with White Wine & Garlic

I decided to try the Marsala with Mushrooms and Garlic first since that seemed like the variety my family would like the most.  You only need two ingredients to prepare them, some vegetable oil and some kind of meat/protein.  The skillet sauces make meal preparation easy with 3 simple steps:

1. HEAT. Heat oil in Skillet over medium/high heat

2. ADD.  Add your protein or vegetables and cook until browned.

3.  STIR.  Stir in sauce and heat to boil.  Reduce heat and cover for five minutes or until protein is cooked through and/or vegetables are tender.

I decided to add a can of mushrooms and 1 lb chicken breasts to my sauce.  Most of the sauces say to add chicken, but also offer suggestions such as beef sirloin, pork chops, salmon or tofu depending on the sauce.  They also recommend serving over pasta or rice.

I served the Marsala over cooked noodles and the family loved it.  My husband and I both agreed the sauce was a little more tangy than we were expecting in the first bite, but it was very good.  The kids love anything served over pasta, so it was definitely a hit with them.  I do worry that some of the other sauces may be a bit more out of their taste range.

The sauces make about 4 servings per 9 ounce pouch.  Prepared it was more than enough for my family at this time, but if my kids were bigger and ate more I would definitely want to double everything and use 2 pouches as we did not have much left over.

Campbell’s Skillet Sauces have definitely earned their spot as a staple in my pantry as it was very quick, easy, and great tasting.  The best part is that I usually have chicken breasts in the freezer so I will always have what I need on hand to make a great tasting meal for the family.


Campbell’s Skillet Sauces are available at retailers nationwide.  Visit them on Facebook or Campbell’s Kitchen to learn more about their sauces and print a coupon for $0.75 off one package.

Disclosure: I received samples and compensation  for the purpose of this post however all thoughts remain 100% my own.


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  1. Marysa says

    The Thai Green Curry is SO good! We saute with a little chicken, and I actually buy pre-made frozen white rice from Trader Joe’s. I can make a whole dinner in about 5 minutes! I’ll have to try the other flavors.

  2. Julie Wood says

    These new sauces taste great! I have tried the Marsala sauce and it tasted delicious on my Pork Chops. I am going to try another one soon, and I have some coupons for these,and they area a great bargain and make cooking a meal so easy!

  3. Char W says

    Wow, this looks like a great idea! I haven’t seen these in my grocery store but I will definitely be looking for it. I have used their condensed soups before in meals for sauces but this is also a great option with different flavors :)

  4. Christina Jackson says

    We just tried the green curry last night! Amazing, thanks for the review, now we’ll have to try the other flavors.

  5. Tammy S says

    I saw these at the store the other day and was wondering if they were any good. I think they would be great to have around because I always have chicken around also. Thanks for the review.

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