Shop Small. Shop Local with Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

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Finding the perfect gift for a child of any age can be a daunting task. Imagine having a personal Play Consultant help you with the process? You could find out details about the toy by someone who has actually played with it. Asking questions with a real person would help you narrow down the perfect toys for your child’s interest and you could discover wonderful toys you never knew existed.

What would it be like to enter a store with an inviting atmosphere, perfect for exploratory fun for children and more 10,000 high quality products?  That is what Brilliant Sky Toys & Books offers. This a upscale specialty store is based in Michigan and now boasts 16 stores across 8 states. I’m just jealous there isn’t one near me!

Because of my blog I’ve been exposed to toys I never would have otherwise. Some of my kids favorite toys have come from lesser known brands and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to try them out. Working with a store like Brilliant Sky is a way for the average consumer to get an inside look at all the great new products coming out on the market or those just waiting to be discovered.

No other toy store chain can brag, “We’ve put in the time and done the homework to establish partnerships with over 600 toy manufacturers from around the world so we are confident we can find what you’re looking for.”

Brilliant Sky also has their own awards, the Brilliance Awards, where a handful of specialty toys rise above the rest. This year they awarded seven great toys with this honor and another four were selected as top choices, including this Snap Circuits Light Set. ($79.99)

While it is designed for ages eight and up, I knew my boys (6 and 4 1/2) would love learning more how lights work. It was the perfect toy for my husband, Joe to share his own love of electricity with them. Joe was the kind of kid who enjoyed taking apart the telephone just to see how it worked and then putting it back together. He at one point considered becoming an electrician before ultimately getting his Computer Science degree so I thought of him as soon as I saw this toy. I honestly wondered when it arrived if I had gotten it more for the boys or for him.

While very detailed instructions were included, Joe was able to pull the set out and immediately show Lucian and Warren how to make the lights turn on. I was impressed. Before long they were testing out an array of lights and fans and the excitement was contagious. With over 175 projects and 55 parts, this is one gift that will keep on giving. It will grow with our boys and will teach them as they play. I love toys with those quality and I never would have known this existed without Brilliant Sky!

Shop Small. Shop Local. 

You may have noticed the growing trend to shop local and shop small business this holiday season. Besides being good for the economy, shopping small has other advantages as well including face to face customer service.  So this long holiday weekend,  after you’ve had your fill of Turkey, take a day to stop off at your local toy store and clothing boutique to find the perfect gift for those on your holiday shopping list. Then take a rest and have a bite to eat at the nearby coffee shop.

Find a Brilliant Sky Near You

Check out the store locator to find a Brilliant Sky near you!

For consumers like me not lucky enough to live near one of their stores, the Brilliant Sky online shop is open 24/7 where gift-wrap is free every day!  Also be sure to check out the Brilliant Sky iPhone app.


Disclosure: I received a sample for the purpose of this post however all thoughts remain 100% my own.

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