Little Girls Bedroom Makeover Reveal with Land of Nod

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It’s taken some time to get all of the pieces put together but I am finally revealing the complete makeover in my little girls’ room. We’ve gone from baby nursery to big girl room and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. You saw a sneak peak with the application of vinyl wall decals as well as my tutorial on a thrifty solution making curtains out of sheets. Here’s what you can do with a few perfectly placed room accessories from The Land of Nod!

We took out the rocking chair (yes, I rocked one final time and cried) and moved everything around in her room. There was really only one good alternative for the bed placement. We removed the Pooh nursery valances and replaced them with the new polka dot curtains that I made out of sheets!

We added the vinyl wall art (tree, dragonflies and text) as well as many perfect accessories from The Land of Nod. Bird and birdhouse wall hangers, wall book ledge, button cap curtain rods (these come in both double and single rod options), pink polka dot sheets (these come in several colors) and pink lantern (no longer available online but I love this alternative) are all visible here.

I also found a cute little white bedside table on craigslist for less than $20! Don’t forget to watch your local craigslist furniture listing (ok I might stalk it) for inexpensive solutions for your own room makeover!


The bookshelf was piled with too many books and felt cluttered. The pink boxes (purchased at Micheals when we first designed the nursery) were filled with baby items. I moved a few items around, shifted the handmade treasures from my grandpa to a more prominent place on the shelves throughout the room, and placed only our Disney storybooks on this shelf. (I got this set of books eleven years ago at a dollar store long before I had kids. I love how the bindings make the Disney castle when they’re lined up!)

The space behind the door used to be used for the diaper genie and boxes of diapers or pull-ups.

We hung the book ledge (available in several colors) near her bed for quick access to her favorites (Grandma Jane picks the best books!). I love how these beautiful illustrations can be displayed as the art they truly are.

I was shocked when my husband measured this white cube shelf from Menards and realized it would fit here. It’s the perfect solution to extra storage in her room. We also got three soft bins to keep toys and stuffed animals and the other three shelves are dedicated to books. The top displays some of her favorite monkeys as well as a special book that a relative of mine wrote (Boo Boo Bear’s Mission). See a closer look at the jewelry tree below!

We used to hang a hideous blue sheet over her window to keep the bright sunshine from waking her at the crack of dawn in the summer months (see our solution to this below). We also had a bed rail as we transitioned from crib to big girl bed (this one used to be mine as a child and I love passing it down to her).

The changing table pad was removed (another tough moment for me) and was transformed with more accessories including a vintage lamp that belonged to her great grandma Vivian. I love having this history and the mix of modern and vintage.

For now the wall art has remained the same but I have ideas spinning to replace Pooh with some of my favorite children’s book illustrations. Have you seen Gyo Fujikawa’s work? I adore it and grew up with her sweet illustrations.

I hired my local handyman husband to help me install the new accessories. I was impressed with the assembly instructions and hardware packaging from The Land of Nod (not that my husband read them – but I did!). They were attached with a bright red tape so you knew what you needed. Everything was included for installation. Instructions were easy to understand. TIP: Don’t let your three-year old hold the screws. If you give her six you might get four back.

These are some of my favorite accessories from The Land of Nod. The bird and birdhouse wall hangers are perfect for my daughter’s little dancing dresses. She likes to hang all sorts of things on them and we hung them at her height for just that reason. They work perfectly with the vinyl tree. The jewelry tree (now only available in black online) is modern and fun. My daughter styled this one all on her own. I love how bright and cheerful the hair bands are. It shows her fun, quirky spirit and I love that. The tray at the bottom is the perfect spot for all of her toddler treasures. The bird whistle is from Land of Nod too. Do you remember playing with these as a kid!?

I wanted to show some follow-up pictures of the curtains I made. Here’s how they look with just the sheet curtains hanging which allow a light and airy feel to the room. I can hang them to the side or pull them to the center and use the tie to gather them.

I also purchased a green blackout curtain for those summer months when the sun wakes her so early in the morning or keeps her awake late at night. The white curtain rods from Land of Nod worked perfectly to hang them. The Land of Nod also offers blackout curtains but only in white and they’re meant to be a liner. I liked the green pop of color in these. NOTE: Although I purchase the sheets to make these curtains at TJMaxx, The Land of Nod actually has a set of pink polka dot sheets that are very similar.

I also must confess that I still haven’t gotten that quilt sewn for my daughter (I bought the fabric before she was born). The stunning masterpiece you see at the foot of her bed was made by a dear family friend and is crib size. My daughter loves it on her bed though and so do I. It has beautiful colors that match her room perfectly. I love the fabric with the vintage paper dolls again mixing vintage and modern styles.

I hope you’ve been inspired to make some changes in your own rooms. Slide the furniture around, purchase some simple and often inexpensive accessories and watch the room transform. My daughter loves her new big girl room and I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity to do this for her.


Visit our affiliate, The Land of Nod where you’ll find everything for your kid’s room from A to ZZZ! Be sure to check out their sale while you are there!

Disclosure:  I received samples for the purpose of this post however all thoughts remain 100% my own.
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The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids


  1. Angela Heffner says

    This room looks so simple and beautiful! I’m so glad you shared your ideas. This really inspires me to get my creative flair going and paint!
    Thanks again for the post!

  2. Katy M says

    I love it! I’m sure she is loving it too! The “tree” theme makes the room so sweet! Love the wall hangers!

  3. says

    Wow, you really did a great job! I’m impressed!!
    I’ve been hearing a lot about those vinyl wall decals and might like to check them out.
    It’s so fun to transform a kids’ bedroom!

  4. says

    I absolutely LOVE it! The tree wall decal is amazing! and I love how you matched it to her jewelry hanger :) Everything looks so cute , perfect for a little girl, yet cool enough to when she’s a teenager in the future :) Great job!

  5. Jenny Sims says

    Fantastic room for a big girl! I received a Crate and Barrel gift card for Christmas and was excited to learn that they are redeemable at Land of Nod as well. Eyeing a Jenny Lind nightstand…for myself. Those are so adorable!

  6. Janet W. says

    What a beautiful room! We just put dinosaur wall stickers in my grandson’s room and he’s so excited every time he goes in there!

  7. Jessica Barnhart says

    I love the shelf going across the top of the wall with a 2nd paint color above, that’s a great idea! it would be perfect for my daugther’s ceramic birthday angels I’m passing down. My daughter also has paper lanterns in her room, she loves them

  8. Julie Wood says

    I think the whole remodel called The Land of Nod is so cute and stylish. All the colors go well together, and the wall decorations are so pretty. You did a great job!

  9. Jennifer Hedden says

    I love the room transformation! The vinyl wall art and wall hangers are some of my favorite additions. I never thought much about vinyl wall art, but I think I just became a fan. I also love the pink lantern and jewelry tree! It is so great how neat and organized the room is.

  10. meegan whitford says

    So cute! thanks for the ideas my sister has a boy but we can tweek some things and make it a big boys room!

  11. Ashley says

    I love this room makeover! I need to make over my 1 year old’s girly nursery into a more unisex one soon, since her little brother is due in a few weeks :)

  12. Char W says

    Oh, I love this room! I am looking for a bedroom color for our room, but I don’t know that I could be so bold as to have red in my bedroom. I love the vinyl art and the little touches like the bird hangers.

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