Oops! Yes, I Did THAT.

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Yesterday morning after Wes woke up, I noticed something a bit unusual about him.

Something just wasn’t quite…right.

What could it be?

Wesley Pajamas Silly 1I look stumped at his striped pajamas, wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me but no, no something was definitely not quite right.

Wesley Pajamas Silly 2

And then it hit me.

I remembered Wesley fussing in the night and me not being able to figure out what was bothering him. Thinking it was just his sleep sack, I took it off to discover he had somehow put both of this legs into one very tight pajama leg and it was stuck.

Wesley Pajamas Silly 3

In the dark I fumbled around, trying to bring his legs back into the right hole. I tried several times (yes, several) while in a fog before claiming victory and went back to bed. He seemed suddenly happy and content to go back to sleep and I was anxious to do the same.

Wesley Pajamas Silly 5

I like these moments where I can laugh at myself. It isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last.
Wesley Pajamas Silly 6 And while it may seem awkward and uncomfortable, he didn’t really seem to mind.
Wesley Pajamas Silly 4


Nice try, mommy.

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    • Emilie says

      I think it is too! It really messes with your eyes. It would have been more obvious if it were just a regular print.

  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Haha that too funny!! The things us tired mommys do in the dark. I’m glad you captured pictures of this :)

  2. Beth R says

    So funny!!! I have so done that before but didn’t realize it until my husband said something. Luckily the baby didn’t mind either lol

  3. Vickie Couturier says

    I think we have all done something like that in the middle of the night an found out later what we did,but its cute on him with the stripes

  4. Julie Wood says

    Oh my goodness! That is so funny! I really liked reading this story! Your son is so cute, and he did not seem to mind what happened to him! What a good kid!

  5. says

    so funny! It’s so amazing how amazing our babies are, they are usually fine while we are the ones who worry more ..my baby once slept with his biinkie under his back ..i had no idea it was there..until the next morning. i felt so bad but that’s actually a night that he slept the whole night at 3 months old!. Go figure! :)

  6. Britni Bradford says

    Ooops! We’re constantly fighting with socks in the middle of the night. The footsie PJs never fit DD well.

  7. Debbie Welchert says

    I kept looking and couldn’t figure out what was wrong at first and then I figured it out. How funny. He is so cute.

  8. Denise says

    the best part is you took the time to take pictures and share with everyone!

    I know of some dads that refuse to put the snap up PJs like that on their kids because they can’t figure out how to line up the snaps correctly!

  9. Heather Carter says

    My son has done this multiple times over the past few weeks. He is 2 and we had saved our sleepers from his twin brothers. They are size 3t and he’s more of a 2t guy- so he keeps getting both legs stuck.

  10. christine k says

    That’s too funny! I have horrible pregnancy brain right now and I wish I was only doing simple things like this. Yesterday I put my son in his car seat and forgot to strap him in. Granted, I remembered before I drove anywhere, but I was shutting the door after putting him in (and taking his winter jacket off him), and as I shut it I realized I never buckled him up. *sigh* Pregnancy brain gets dangerous sometimes :(

  11. Char W says

    That is funny! It’s a challenge remembering everything when your little one is an infant, especially when you get tired. Good for you that he didn’t mind having two legs in one pajama leg because I’m sure you would have figured it out pretty quickly if he started fussing about it :)

  12. polly says

    love the story…you have so many wonderful stories ahead of you to tell! we’ve all been there…we have our 2nd grandchild due in june and i’m sure ‘grandma’ will have a few new ones also!

  13. Jamie p says

    Soo funny. I’ve never had twisted legs, but I’ve missed a leg before. One of those middle of the night changings. Felt so bad in the am.

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