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There have been so many occasions in life lately when I’ve felt too far away to do what I’d like to do for friends who are grieving the loss of a loved one or celebrating the birth of a new baby. Our church family believes in loving people well and this often includes surrounding our friends with a meal during the stressful times of life.


The people behind Spoonful of Comfort have also felt this way with the loss of their mother and launched a site to help you send a hug even from afar. They sent me my own package for comfort to see their product firsthand.


For so many people, nothing says healing more than homemade comfort food like chicken noodle soup, cookies, and fresh baked bread. Spoonful of Comfort allows you to customize a care package filled with fresh baked comfort foods as well as the option to include items such as a warm blanket, fuzzy socks, grief books and more. They package each item beautifully with a cheerful ribbon and beautiful wrapping. These are truly fresh items so they are sent in a insulated package with gel ice packs. My soup and rolls were still chilled when they arrived.

SpoonfulOfComfort_2So how did they taste? I was a little disappointed with the chicken noodle soup in all honesty. The chicken pieces were huge and there was no way I could eat them without cutting them first. Although the noodles and veggies were very tender and tasted good, the broth was lacking. Something just didn’t taste quite right. I shared a bowl with my mom without expressing my opinions and she had the same response, “it lost something along the way”.

The rolls and the cookies were AMAZING. I received the oatmeal raisin cookies (which are my favorite) and they were by far the best that I’ve ever had! The rolls were very good as well. They were moist and soft and went perfectly with the soup.

I was also thrilled to read that this company is using some of their profits to give back.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of Spoonful of Comfort chicken noodle soup will go to Cancer Research – by way of a memorial gift to celebrate the memory of my mother, Mona Bowes. The American Cancer Society’s mission is to prevent cancer, save lives, and diminish suffering from this disease.

SpoonfulOfComfort_3I personally know just how important a home cooked meal is in the midst of joy and sorrow and would highly recommend Spoonful of Comfort as a quick and easy way to remind your loved ones that you care. Packages start as low as $24.99 and go as high as $79.99 depending on what you chose to customize in your gift. You’re able to shop by occasion and ensure your gift includes the perfect mix of items (Thinking of You, Get Well, Sympathy, College Care Packages, New Baby, Corporate Gifts).

SpoonfulOfComfort_soupSearching for sympathy gift packages or condolence gifts is a heart-wrenching process, and one that we all wish was not necessary. Whether you are able to be there or not, you want to find the perfect gift that will show your love and well wishes. If someone you know is sick, has lost a loved one, lost a job, gone through a break up or something else entirely, sympathy gift baskets of chicken noodle soup are just the thing to help them know of your concern and willingness to help if possible. Funerals can be especially hard, because the search for funeral gifts is complicated when your own sadness doesn’t allow you much time or opportunity to look around.


Customize your own care package today by visiting Spoonful of Comfort or calling 877-404-7678. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news!


Disclosure: I received samples for the purpose of this review however all thoughts are 100% my own.


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  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    It’s a great idea and maybe they will improve on the soup because I really like the idea of sending this to a friend or family member who isn’t feeling the best. You can see those pieces of chicken are super big.

  2. Tammy S says

    What a wonderful idea. I really like the idea of sending something that is what you would bring to them if you could. Maybe the soup just needed a little of your own spices to jazz it up. Thanks for the review!

  3. Karen Glatt says

    I think that this is such a great website that you can go to to send a hug and a spoonful of comfort to someone you know who needs this pick me up! I think that I would love to send this to someone that I know. Great idea!

  4. Vickie Couturier says

    I think I can make this myself to take to sick an homebound ppl,,its a good ideal,too bad the soup wasnt up to par

  5. joanna garcia says

    this is such a great concept, including for a new baby when you rarely have time to eat! but for that amount of money i would make the gift myself and send personally, this will be great for families that are long distance and love that proceeds go to cancer research

  6. Teresa Herrera-Honores says

    LOL well at least the baked goods are tasty! those pieces of chicken were too big too bad the soup did not taste good but these are great lil things that will brighten any ones day!

  7. says

    What a delightful idea! I know I would be touched to receive a care package when I needed one, so I will look into this as a gift option. Thanks for the honest review!

  8. ColleenMarie82 says

    This is a great idea, I never know what to get someone in a time of need. I will have to bookmark this website so I remember.

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