Speed up Your Laptop with the Samsung Solid State Drive 840 Pro Series #IfICanDoIt

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My husband Joe is an IT professional and I’ll admit that I’ve just let him handle virtually every computer related decision in our house. He is the expert and I trust his judgement. When I was asked to try out a solid state drive (SSD) from Samsung, I was wondered, “What exactly is that? Do I even want one? ” A quick email to my resident expert returned an emphatic YES almost immediately.

What exactly is a solid state drive? If you are as clueless as I was here is the definition:

 A solid state drive is data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.

Say what? 

In English:

It replaces the hard drive in your computer. And because it has absolutely no moving parts like a traditional hard drive it makes everything faster.

A lot faster.

This small, little thing can do so much to change the way your laptop (or desktop) computer performs without having to upgrade your machine which is a lot more expensive.


Samsung Solid State Drive SSD

IT professionals and gamers have been using them for years because of the increase in performance and yet the average person like me doesn’t even know they exist. Too often we are told to simply upgrade our computers when we find them lacking, instead of looking at ways we can make our current machines better.

And I was giddy when I realized what it can do. Earlier this year I posted this update, sharing my frustration about slow loading times with my laptop.


Samsung SSD BLM FEB Facebook

It was as though me and a SSD were just destined to hook up. Now I’m happily working with a Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series 512 GB installed on my laptop. A match made in heaven.

Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series Installed

If you are considering an SSD but are afraid it might be difficult to install, have no fear. My husband installed ours as soon as it arrived when I wasn’t around. (He was like a little kid on Christmas). But I went through all the steps myself and shared them in a video with you so I could show you just how easy it is for anyone and I do mean anyone to install. It is actually quite fast and easy and could be finished in minutes except for the data migration part. The time to do the upgrade will really depend upon how much data you have on your hard drive but it really is so simple.

I even made you a video so you can see for yourself.

If you are still on the fence, I’ve got Samsung’s top 10 reasons you want need an SSD.

  1. Speed-up your boot-up: SSDs know that go means go. Just turn it on and begin working in less than 15 seconds.
  2. Start applications in seconds: Need to make a quick ten-second edit before meeting with a client? SSDs load programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint more than twice as fast as their HDD counterparts.
  3. Cut maintenance by half: Routine maintenance tasks shouldn’t disrupt your work flow. SSDs cut simple tasks like virus scans by almost 50 percent.
  4. Zip through file searches: Remember the last time you attempted a simple email search using a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Now imagine crunching that time so it’s 8x faster. That’s the power of an SSD.
  5. Trim file transfer time by almost a third: Transfer and copy files thirteen minutes and five seconds faster than usual—just enough time to give you a head start on rush-hour traffic.
  6. Cut video-editing time: Render video file clips over 30 percent faster with an SSD. You’ll be able to edit quickly and move on to your next project in no time.
  7. Double file-compilation power: Just because programmers sit behind a computer screen all day doesn’t mean they’re immune to slowness. An SSD boasts 2x faster file-compilation times than a HDD
  8. Reduce power consumption: SSDs require less energy than a conventional HDD and can add an average of 30 minutes to battery life.
  9. Master multitasking: SSDs smoothly handle multiple programs so you can crop photos and load game maps nearly 3x faster than a HDD
  10. Take it anywhere: For work that needs to extend beyond home or office walls, SSDs exceed expectations in handling shock, vibration and temperature extremes. Go anywhere with one.

Samsung SSD 840 Pro for Top ProfessionalsMy Experience:

I’ve been using my Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series for over a month and it is easy to see a huge improvement. Load times really are so much faster as they claim. I’m notorious for leaving open dozens of tabs within several programs because I like to multi-task. My system is now so much better at handling my abuse. This is really notable for photo editing software which used to drag my laptop down and was a huge source of my previous frustration.

I highly recommend using a solid state drive and the Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series does offer top performance. You don’t even have to take only my word for it. After doing some research of my own, it became clear that this particular SSD gets great reviews by the experts and not just this blogger.


I received the Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series in the 512 GB version which has a list price of $674.99. However you can get a smaller SSD for much cheaper than that. For example the 128 GB has a list price of $189.99 and the 256 GB is $303.99. All three are available at a significant discount at major retailers such as Staples, Newegg and our affiliate Amazon. With a little bit of comparison shopping you can get a fabulous deal on this solid state drive!


Disclosure: I received a sample for the purpose of this review however all thoughts remain 100% my own.

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  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I am not tech savvy at all, I let my hubby take care of the electronics in our house lol. But this sounds like something I could use and install myself, I’m glad I read this post :)

  2. Julie Wood says

    I need this Samsung Solid State Drive item to speed up my computer. I am going to ask my brother in law about this because he is a computer whiz. I would love to have my computer run faster!

  3. says

    I want one of these for my MacBook! : ) I’m not super tech savvy either but anything that would speed up my laptop would be awesome!

  4. Janet W. says

    I’ll have to look into this for my computer. I don’t have a clue about computers, but you wrote this in terms that I can understand.

  5. says

    I was just telling the hubby about how I wish my laptop would have a little more oomph to it. I’m glad I came across this post and will be telling him about this today! Thanks so much!

  6. Tiffany Schmidt says

    What an excellent pick me up for a sluggish laptop! Great review and than you for your realistic look to not everyone buying the model you received!!

  7. s riches says

    I did not know that something like this was available. I am impressed that it uses less power than a regular hard drive.

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