LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet Giveaway

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Earlier this week I shared a video about children and electronic devices and apps  from learning expert, Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos . As a member of LeapFrog’s Learning Team, she had plenty of great insight to share was happy to answer my questions. I encourage you to check out that post!

One of the many products that LeapFrog offers is the LeapPad. With three different LeapPad devices available, you can find the perfect one to fit your child!

LeapFrog LeapPad Products

So with three tablets available for kids, what are the real differences between them? The LeapPad2 and LeapPad2 Power are essentially the same product except the LeapPad2 Power includes a NiMh battery pack, a $40 value. It is sold separately for the LeapPad2. Whereas the LeapPad Ultra has several additional features including wi-fi capability.  Because of that, peer to peer play is available. Other upgrades include a higher screen resolution, faster processing speed, built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and better video recording over the LeapPad2 and LeapPad2 Power. Click on the compare tablets link on LeapFrog for a full breakdown!

No matter which tablet you choose, the following still applies:

Our educational kids tablets, games and apps are designed, reviewed and approved by in-house learning experts, who are always looking for new ways to foster kids’ skills and confidence. Our games and eBooks feature gameplay and curriculum that automatically adjust to your child’s level, helping inspire not just learning, but a life-long love of learning. With three kid-tough tablets and more than 800 educator-approved games and apps LeapPad offers age-appropriate fun for every kind of learner. Learning games draw from 2,600 skills and select games auto-level, adapting to your child’s pace in subjects like reading, writing and mathematics

Leap Pad 2 Power Prize Giveaway


You can purchase the LeapFrog LeapPad products directly from LeapFrog and at retailers nationwide including Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us and more! What a perfect holiday gift. Be sure to follow LeapFrog on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest product news!


LeapFrog has offered a LeapPad2 Power, 2 games and $20 app card for one very lucky reader!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: I will receive a gift for my participation however thoughts remain my own.

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  1. Jennifer Holovack says

    What’s not to love! So many features :) Best of all is how awesomely tough they are. My friend has one for her daughter and it has gone through heck and still works!

  2. Mary Siminski says

    My favorite feature is the wifi, apps, and camera! It’s like a real tablet made for little kids! My children have never owned a tablet before but they are always asking to play games on my phone. This is the perfect start for them and I can’t wait till they can actually have one to pay with. I just love the idea of it.


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