Dress-up Fun with Just Pretend Kids Costumes, Tutus and Accessories

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 *This post was brought to you in partnership with Just Pretend Kids.*


With all the recent tech toys on the market it’s refreshing to get back to basics for play time. My daughter absolutely loves playing dress-up. She just got a big trunk of princess dresses from her big cousin Emily. She was so excited to open each new sparkly gown. Adding to that excitement was a beautiful fairy costume from Just Pretend Kids.

JustPretendKids_Sunflower1bI knew she’d love something from the Just Pretend Kids tutu collection but it was hard to decide which one. From fruit to flowers they’re all adorable.


Celebrate the summer sun with our Sunflower tutu with coordinating wings, wand and headpiece which have beautiful detailing on top of vibrant yellow and brown colors. Our pink, orange and fuchsia Tulip tutu with coordinating wings, wand and headpiece will bring your little one’s secret garden to life. Our purple Pansy tutu with coordinating wings, wand and headpiece will turn your little girl into a wondrous garden fairy. All items sold separately.

After much debate I decided on this adorable sunflower tutu set. She draws “flowers with the black seeds in the middle” on her pictures quite often. She has so many pink things and it’s fun to see something completely different.

JustPretendKids_Sunflower2bThis outfit comes with the option to buy a matching tutu, wings, headband and wand. Nora picked out a black dance leotard and tights to match and came out of her room screaming with delight when she realized her gold sparkly shoes matched it perfectly. She instantly set to prancing around the house and wore this most of the day. I love seeing such simple things transform my daughter’s imagination.

Although the mesh on the wings could prove to be fragile, the costume is made well. I hope it lasts for many adventures to come.


Just Pretend Kids has other costumes for your little ones too. Take a look here to explore how adorable these costumes are. Is your little one bursting to be a dinosaur? Do you have monkeys swinging through the trees? The baby parrot is about as cute as can be. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume or just an addition to your dress-up closet you’re sure to find something perfect here.


You can buy your own dress-up costume from Just Pretend Kids online. Costumes vary in price. All of the pieces you see above are sold separately (tutu, headband, wings, wand) and total $54.96 for the set. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest product news!


Disclosure: I received a sample for the purpose of this review however all thoughts remain my own.

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  1. vickie couturier says

    how cute and adorable those are,,Ive got 3 little granddaughters that would love dressing up on those,,gosh I wish I could afford to get them all one apiece,,im loving those so much,precious

  2. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I couldn’t agree more. I love that kids still use their imagination for things instead of just watching it unfold on a screen somewhere. Such a great company too!

  3. courtney b says

    i cant wait till my daughter is old enough to play with this kind of stuff. Dress up is so fun with alittle girl!

  4. Sandra VanHoey says

    Oh how cute those tutu’s are. My granddaughters and grandsons love playing dress up, the boys in their characters and the girls in the many they have. Love that they do this

  5. Julie Wood says

    These are just adorable and I would love to get one of these Tutus for my niece. She would love get the purple one! That is her favorite color!

  6. Betsy Barnes says

    When my son was younger, he loved to dress up like a Power Ranger. It used to be hard to fun dress up costumes, now, I see them everywhere :)

  7. ellen beck says

    That is absolutely adorable! Little girls fairies and flowers just go together so well. I love these costumes.

  8. Robin wilson says

    My little 4 year old niece likes to dress up every day. She’s a princess or a ballerina and dances around! So cute and so glad to read about this! Thanks for the heads up!

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