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My name is Emilie and I’m so glad you stopped by to learn more about me and my family!  I have three little boys, Lucian, Warren and Wesley. I left a career in finance to stay home with my boys in 2009 which wasn’t an easy decision.  I’ve had this blog for almost five years and feel very fortunate to have so many amazing readers and visitors on a daily basis. I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen, especially baking. On Sundays you’ll catch me watching the game if I can because I am a huge football fan. And I have a major obsession with scarves, boots and bags.

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I’m lucky to have, Joe, a wonderful husband and amazing father. He loves to run long distances and you’ll often find him training for races whether they be marathons or trail runs.  With a job in IT and a love of philosophy and current events, he certainly keeps me thinking and in touch with the world.

Lucian is my seven year old who blows my mind daily. He is curious and very smart and he always amazes me with his understanding.  He loves anything that moves so he is very much into battleships, planes, trains and automobiles. Lucian has a fabulous memory and a love for words, which is why he is very advanced in reading.

Warren is five and my daredevil.  He is typically independent and fearless but still sensitive.  He is very lovable, a great communicator and extremely funny. You never know what might pop out of his mouth! He loves to bake with me and is very upset if I do it without him. Superheros and dressing up in capes, helmets and masks are a favorite pastime. He has a fabulous imagination.

The newest member of our family is Wesley who was born March, 2012. He was a very sweet surprise and completes our family. He absolutely loves to cuddle and makes me laugh with his adorable expressions and sweet giggles. Wes is a huge fan of  balls and playing with dishes in the kitchen while I cook. He is a mama’s boy and always on the go. I can’t wait to find out what he is thinking when he can better communicate.

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Warren singing Itsy Bitsy Spider
Happy 3rd Birthday Warren
Lucian can’t believe it is his birthday!
Lucian says his ABCs fast!
Warren River Dancing
Wesley and the Water Bottle
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Contributing Writers:

Sarah is a stay at home mother of four who left a career in accounting to be home with her children. Her 6 year old and infant girls and two boys ages 4 and 2 definitely keep her on her toes. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, scrapbooking, sewing, crafting, fishing, camping, rollerblading and volleyball.

Janelle is a contributor of Baby Loving Mama and after five years as a full time graphic designer, followed her dreams and became a SAHM to beautiful daughter Nora (4). She continues work from home as a freelance graphic designer in the midst of managing toddler fun. She enjoys spending time with family, scrapbooking with her best friends, hanging out with church family, and bargain shopping. Join her here, on her graphic design site/blog,www.designsbyjanelle.com, and on her personal blog, blessedwithmore.wordpress.com where she shares her journey through the joy and heartache of infertility.

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