Paint Chip Turkey Craft with Paper Roll for Thanksgiving

Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Using paint chips and toilet paper rolls for crafts is currently very popular. And why not? They are great crafting supplies that happen to be both versatile and free. Who says that holiday crafting has to be expensive? Take a look at this fun and so very frugal paint chip turkey made by Katie Femia…. 

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Time-Saving Dishwashing Tip wtih Cascade Platinum + GIVEAWAY #CascadeShiningReviews

Simple Time Saving Dishwasher Tip

I’ll admit it. I hate washing the dishes. I think filling it up is actually fun because I can quickly see a messy kitchen turn into a clean one in just a matter a minutes.  But I mostly hate unloading the dishwasher and rinsing them off them before loading . I’ve heard that some people… 

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Pumpkin Napkin Rings: Kid Friendly Bead Craft

Pumpkin Napkin Ring Craft

When I’m decorating for fall, I love to work with items that will last through the whole season. Pumpkins are great way to add to your fall decor, and a personal favorite of mine. While I love the look of  Jack-o-Lanterns, I prefer to use regular pumpkins so they can last through Thanksgiving. If you love… 

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AT&T Offers Flexibility with AT&T GoPhone #GoPhone

AT&T GoPhone-compatible 4G LTE Samsung Smartphone

Six weeks ago I was asked by AT&T to try out an AT&T GoPhone for my family. A GoPhone is a great way to stay connected to family without any surprise wireless phone bills at the end of the month. While my oldest is still only 8, there are times that I do wish he… 

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Disney Dream: Our Dream Vacation with Disney Cruise Lines Part Two

Disney Dream Castaway Cay Beach

Last week I shared with you what a dream it felt like to be invited on the Disney Dream cruise ship by Disney Cruise Lines this summer with my family. Our trip with Disney Cruise Lines was amazing. So amazing it is just too much to cover in a single post. In my first post I talked… 

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5 Easy Halloween Treat Ideas with Wilton + GIVEAWAY #WiltonTreatTeam

Wilton Haunted Halloween Giveaway

Halloween is a very fun time to get creative in the kitchen.  Regardless of whether you have a lot of time or baking knowledge, it doesn’t matter. Wilton has you covered with some products that make it so simple to create some sweet Halloween treats, regardless of your skill level. No excuses for not having… 

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