Adding L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation to My Beauty Routine #VLBlurfection

LOREAL Visible Life Blur Foundation

When it comes to my beauty routine, one thing I hate to give up is my foundation. I naturally have a bit redness over certain areas of my face like my cheeks and nose year round. But during the summer months, this is even worse with additional exposure to the sun. And now that I’m in… 

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Help Your School and Those in Need with Schoola + Discount Code #clothes4schools


*This post is brought to you in partnership with Schoola. Thoughts are my own.* A couple of weeks ago I shared with you just how important I think the arts are in a child’s life. My almost 8 year old son ha been taking private piano lessons for over two years, and I’m so thankful… 

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Caring for Potted Evergreens

How to Care for Potted Evergreens

Potted evergreens take a little more effort than evergreens that have been planted outdoors, or other small trees in potted plants kept indoors. Because these potted plants still have to go through their natural course of growth, it is important that you try to replicate those processes and conditions while they are kept in your… 

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Pampers Introduces New Wipes Designs + Summer Outing GIVEAWAY

Pampers Summer Outing Basket Giveaway

Last October I had the opportunity to visit Pampers Corporate Headquarters as a member of the Pampers Baby Board. I was a new board member and excited to meet everyone. The trip was a blast! I have so many blogging friends already on the board, and it was a chance to meet make some new ones…. 

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The Scents of Summer that Bring Me Back #SensationalMemories

Family Vacation Rutgers Lodge Mothers Day Weekend Dock

When I think back to my family vacations growing up, they almost always center around enjoying the outdoors. From our RV trip through Canada when I was 10 to multiple trips to a cabin on a lake when I was in my teens, they all shared a similar theme. My parents would load us up,… 

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