Holiday Home Printing with a Epson XP-950 Printer + Free Snowman Coloring Page Printable


After surviving through college and over ten years of professional graphic design work, my good old Epson 1280 printer finally bit the dust last summer. I was sad. We’d been through many a late night project together and I loved being able to print 11″ x 17″ paper. That said, I guess ten years is… 

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Mess-Free Crafting with Beados


My daughter started kindergarten this year and although I’m excited for this next step in her life, part of me is sad that we no longer have our afternoons free to craft together. I’ve started gathering ideas for activities that we can still do together that don’t require quite as much time or make as… 

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Buttercup Mia & Co Wall Decals from RoomMates | Peel – Stick – Done


Moving is hard. Of course the excitement of it all takes over once your perfect home is chosen but then once you’re surrounded by boxes and and an endless to-do list it all sort of sinks in. With our recent transition to a new home it was important to us for our daughter to have… 

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5 Ways to Teach Kids Kindness


Teaching kindness to children is an important lesson to share no matter the age. My friend Joy Morgan Dey and her daughter Anna Skarie recently wrote and published a new book, One Gorilla, which they sent to us to enjoy. The children’s book focuses on the idea of paying kindness forward. Joy and Anna share… 

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Safety 1st Alpha Elite 65 Convertible Car Seat Offers Advanced Air Protect Technology + GIVEAWAY

safety 1st alpha elite 65 convertible car seat giveaway

Our daily routine has been greatly improved thanks to the simple replacement of my daughter’s car seat. The last year has been a repeat of the same scenario every time we got into the car. I strapped my daughter into her seat and within a few minutes of travel she’d start to cry. “Mommy my… 

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Epic Dairy Queen Blizzard Battle of the Pies: Vote Apple or Pumpkin?


Fall is officially here with the leaves changing and that beautifully crisp smell in the air. It’s by far my favorite season and this year it’s extra sweet. Dairy Queen asked me to share in a national taste test by sampling their TWO new September Blizzard of the Month treats, the all new Apple Pie… 

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