Total Mom Challenge From Total Gym Week 7 #TotalMom

Total Gym Kelly Sucess Story

Here we are at seven weeks in theĀ  Total Mom Challenge from Total Gym. How time flies! One aspect to working out with the Total Gym is the convenience of having a gym at home. With no excuses about added cost or difficulty getting to the gym, sticking with the program should be easier with… 

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Total Mom Challenge From Total Gym Week 6 #TotalMom

Total Gym Week 6

I can’t believe how far we’ve gone in the Total Mom Challenge fromĀ  Total Gym. It has already been six weeks! In that time it has become very apparent where my strengths are and my weaknesses. And my very favorite exercises are those that just feel extra good while doing them, probably because they are… 

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Weight Watchers Strawberry Pie Recipe |Total Mom Challenge From Total Gym Week 3 #TotalMom

Light Strawberry Pie

This past week I’ve noticed a big difference in my ability to get through the start up workout, including the strength required and the knowledge to quickly move through transitions now that I’ve become more comfortable with my Total Gym. Next week I’d like to try the Pilates workout routine to change things up a… 

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Total Mom Challenge From Total Gym Week 2 #TotalMom

Total Gym Setup 1

This past week has been crazy with lots of cookouts, big breakfasts and even a dessert party! I would say this would typically be a horrible time to change eating habits but I tried to look at it differently this week. Instead of getting stuck on avoiding everything I instead watched my portions and with… 

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