Printstagram Framed Instagram Prints | Mother’s Day Gifts Galore

Prinstagram Custom Framed Print 1

Instagram is my very favorite app which allows me to take what would be rather mundane photos with my iPhone and make them beautiful with the touch of a button. With so many different filters available, I can set just the mood I’m looking for in any shot. But to keep all of these photos… 

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Turn Memories into Wood Art with Plak That | Mother’s Day Gifts Galore

Plak That Wood Art Trees 1

After living in my current home for 10 years, lately I’ve been craving some changes, especially artwork. While I loved the pieces when I purchased them, there is just only so many years you can stand to look at the same thing. And because the artwork doesn’t have a personal connection, it is easy to… 

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Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Using Shutterfly | Mother’s Day Gifts Galore

Shutterfly iPhone Case

For many, including my poor husband, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is tough. He flounders when trying to come up with what I would consider a thoughtful gift. The gifts that make me swoon are the ones that show a little forethought and celebrate my life as a mom. Typically that includes a desire… 

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The Muck Boot Company: Breezy Mid Cool Boots | Mother’s Day Gifts Galore

Muck Boot Company Breezy Mid Cool Purple Print

Spring has been very slow to arrive. With record breaking snowfalls in April, we still have some lingering snow on the ground. As it melts it has made our ground very muddy. I attempted to bring my youngest to the the park yesterday and realized I would be ruining the shoes I was wearing to… 

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Turkish Towel Company: Spa Comforts at Home | Mother’s Day Gifts Galore

Turkish Towel Company Shawl Robe

If you’ve ever gone to a spa or luxury resort and wondered where in the world you could get such luxurious robes and towel, then you need to check out The Turkish Towel Company. I’ve received several of their products as samples over the last few years and can say the the quality is really… 

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