Fantastic Frog Activities for Kids

Frog Activities for Kids

  Frogs are certainly a favorite animal for my three boys. They’ve always enjoyed jumping like a frog and saying, “ribbit!” We typically have several in our yard during the warmer months and have followed them around to observe. Since we just post this fun Frog Pond Cookie Cups recipe yesterday, it seems like the… 

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Ocean Activities for Kids : Under the Sea Fun

Ocean Activities for Kids

I am a visual learner. If someone can show me how to do something, I better understand and remember it later than if someone simply sends me written instructions. That was never more apparent than when I wanted to learn how to crochet when I was seven and my mom bought me a how-to book… 

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Cardboard Roll Heart Stamp Craft for Valentine’s Day Cards | Inspired by Pinterest


It’s been a while since I’ve done an “Inspired by Pinterest” craft so I thought I’d roll this one out for a heart stamp craft, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been seeing so many fun cardboard roll (toilet paper or paper towel) crafts circulating and have wanted to try them.. As a result I’ve… 

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Edible Rainbow Kid Activity

Edible Rainbow Snack

With far too many gray days lately I thought I’d share a sunshiny “craft” idea that you get to eat when you’re finished. Although it’s admittedly far from healthy, it’s a fun treat for families with more than one child to share in the snacking or works perfectly as a birthday party centerpiece. Perhaps this… 

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DIY Vintage Paper Ball Ornaments #MakeItGiveIt

DIY Vintage Paper Ornaments

If someone would have told me last year that making my own paper ornaments would be easy, I wouldn’t have believed them. At least not easy for me. Homemade ornaments used to mean something you made in school and brought home as a gift to your mom and dad. Certainly  not a project I would take… 

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DIY Beaded Napkin Rings for the Holidays

holiday napkin rings tutorial

Last month I was bitten by the crafting bug. After spending some time in the craft store, my mind kept spinning with ideas. When I stopped by the Dollar Tree and spotted a package of six silver napkin rings for only a $1, the wheels started turning on how I could dress them up a… 

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