5 Ways to Teach Kids Kindness


Teaching kindness to children is an important lesson to share no matter the age. My friend Joy Morgan Dey and her daughter Anna Skarie recently wrote and published a new book, One Gorilla, which they sent to us to enjoy. The children’s book focuses on the idea of paying kindness forward. Joy and Anna share… 

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My Baby is Ready to Run in Tip Toey Joey Shoes | Friendly Rooster Discount Code + GIVEAWAY

Tip Toey Joey

One thing I have found extremely frustrating in parenthood is finding the right shoes for my kids.  They need to fit right, be easy to put on, stay on, and hold up to their active lifestyles.  Sound simple right?  Wrong.  Each of my children has had their own share of issues.  Kurtis has extremely wide… 

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AT&T Offers Flexibility with AT&T GoPhone #GoPhone

AT&T GoPhone-compatible 4G LTE Samsung Smartphone

Six weeks ago I was asked by AT&T to try out an AT&T GoPhone for my family. A GoPhone is a great way to stay connected to family without any surprise wireless phone bills at the end of the month. While my oldest is still only 8, there are times that I do wish he… 

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Safety 1st Alpha Elite 65 Convertible Car Seat Offers Advanced Air Protect Technology + GIVEAWAY

safety 1st alpha elite 65 convertible car seat giveaway

Our daily routine has been greatly improved thanks to the simple replacement of my daughter’s car seat. The last year has been a repeat of the same scenario every time we got into the car. I strapped my daughter into her seat and within a few minutes of travel she’d start to cry. “Mommy my… 

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Madison At Main: Providing Beauty and Quality Jellybean Rugs


We moved to our new home this past year, and with that comes decorating.  Our old house we bought as a starter home.  An investment.  From day one, we planned to improve it and sell it.  In doing so, I found myself often choosing decorative options that weren’t necessarily me, but what I thought would… 

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School Labels: Added Value with Mabel’s Labels Combo Packs

Mabels Labels Metal Tags for School

If there is one thing I’ve learned since having kids in school, it that items get lost very easily! That is why it is so important to have school labels on everything that could possibly become separated from my child.  This is especially true at our school where uniforms are required. It is really difficult to… 

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