Time to Pack My Boppy Diaper Bag #boppydiaperbags


I’ve officially made it to thirty-eight weeks, which is further than any of my prior pregnancies. I’ve had my own hospital bag packed for quite some time. Time to pack a bag for the baby! I recently learned that Boppy™, maker of the Boppy® Feeding and Infant Support Pillow, also makes diaper bags. I received a… 

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Healthier Choices for My Family With Gorton’s Smart & Crunchy + Giveaway

Gortons Smart4

Mealtime has become a challenge at my house lately.  With a husband and 4 kids it seems nobody can agree on what they like to eat.  Worse yet, they may eat something one day and reject it the next.  One safe bet for my family has always been fish sticks.  They all like them.  All… 

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Spending time with My Children with Minutes With Me

Minutes With Me3

As a stay at home Mom I often find myself wondering “what are we going to do today?”.  It’s hard and I sometimes find myself in a rut.  Days when the weather is bad is especially hard which happens a lot in Northern Minnesota.  I recently received Minutes With Me and it is a lifesaver… 

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Knowing Your Child Is Safe with Levana Ayden Video Monitor + GIVEAWAY #DoMore


We came home with our beautiful new baby girl just two weeks ago. It’s been quite the transition having not had an infant at home for six years. I was expecting the sleepless nights but forgot some of what it’s like to juggle simple tasks with a newborn. On my first solo day home I… 

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New Eggo Gluten Free Waffles: Gluten Free and Tasty

Gluten Free Eggo Waffles

My sister in law recently found out that she has a gluten sensitivity and it has led to some interesting conversations and taste testing.  She brought some gluten free cookies to one of our last get togethers and they were terrible to say the least.  We discussed how most of the gluten free foods seem… 

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Whimsical Nursery Decor from Land of Nod #landofnod


This summer we moved into a new home which was a foreclosure. It needed a lot of work but had good bones. At that time we had given up on our fertility attempts, The room layout was perfect for our family and even allowed an office for my graphic design business. A few weeks later… 

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