Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Gourmet Gift Baskets + GIVEAWAY

chocolate dreams popcorn tin

We all know that Valentine’s Day is a great way to show someone we care. And while it is good to show our love and appreciation year round, that doesn’t mean we should skip out on Valentine’s Day either. I remember when I worked in an corporate office setting how it felt to have something… 

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Cheer Chics Review: Hair and Beauty Products from Luna Star Naturals Now at Ulta

Cheer Chics

My oldest daughter Danica is now in her 5th year of dance class.  She loves it and I love watching her.  What I don’t love is trying to get her hair perfect for pictures and recitals.  It is a challenge to say the least.  Her first year of dance they wanted tight curly hair for… 

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Holiday Home Printing with a Epson XP-950 Printer + Free Snowman Coloring Page Printable


After surviving through college and over ten years of professional graphic design work, my good old Epson 1280 printer finally bit the dust last summer. I was sad. We’d been through many a late night project together and I loved being able to print 11″ x 17″ paper. That said, I guess ten years is… 

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VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet Review: Perfect For Learning and Fun + GIVEAWAY

Vtech InnoTab MAX 32

This past year my children have begun to use my personal tablet.  It started out slowly with Danica using to use an app suggested by her school.  It then progressed to me letting her type her spelling words on it as a change from writing them out.  Gradually I downloaded a couple of game apps… 

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DripDrop Hydration Powder: Medical Grade Hydration at Your Fingertips #DrinkDripDrop

DripDrop Lemon Medical Grade Hydration Powder

It can be hard to stay hydrated. Just ask my husband who loves to run or my six year old who can easily over-heat in hot weather. Whether you love the outdoors, participate in sports, or enjoy working out, it is crucial to drink plenty of water during rigorous activities. And with the flu and cold… 

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Well school has been back in session for awhile now, but we are still working on getting our routine down.  The kids get off the bus and come running into the house.  They are tired. They are hungry.  They need to do their homework.  Now, without me there to be a drill sergeant, I am… 

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