Haunted Halloween Goodies with Kraft + GIVEAWAY

Kraft Halloween Zombie Hand Pudding Spooky Skewers LG Featured

Halloween is a fun holiday that allows us to be silly and creative. From unique homemade costumes to themed treats that make party guests smile, October is certainly a fun month to experiment. As part of the Kraft Tastemaker blogging program, Kraft sent me a fun box of Halloween goodies. From a dip tray to pumpkin marshmallows to… 

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Easy Salsa Roll Up Recipe from Kraft Foods

Kraft Salsa Roll Ups 2

Now that I’ve entered the second trimester of my pregnancy, my relationship with food has taken a drastic shift. For several weeks I could often think of only a few foods I could even imagine eating (usually salad, chicken or fruit) and now I can’t stop thinking of food in general. Almost everything sounds good… 

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