Healthier Choices for My Family With Gorton’s Smart & Crunchy + Giveaway

Gortons Smart4

Mealtime has become a challenge at my house lately.  With a husband and 4 kids it seems nobody can agree on what they like to eat.  Worse yet, they may eat something one day and reject it the next.  One safe bet for my family has always been fish sticks.  They all like them.  All… 

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Create Fun Videos Easily with OneDay App #loveoneday

OneDay App

This post is brought to you by OneDay. All thoughts are my own. I love creating videos of my kids, especially those that are extra sweet or funny. We have family spread out across the country, and videos are an easy way to stay connected to those who aren’t local. The grandparents love to see and share videos… 

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My Baby is Ready to Run in Tip Toey Joey Shoes | Friendly Rooster Discount Code + GIVEAWAY

Tip Toey Joey

One thing I have found extremely frustrating in parenthood is finding the right shoes for my kids.  They need to fit right, be easy to put on, stay on, and hold up to their active lifestyles.  Sound simple right?  Wrong.  Each of my children has had their own share of issues.  Kurtis has extremely wide… 

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Cinnamon Roll Twists with Cream Cheese Filling

Cinnamon Roll Cream Cheese Twists with Glaze

On a lazy weekend morning, I love to surprise my family with something special. I don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen making it, however.  Sometimes just using the simplest of ingredients prepared in a slightly different way can be downright magical. And while you might be thinking, “Did she just say… 

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Armadillo Stroller from Mamas and Papas: Hassle-free and Compact

ARMADILLO Mamas & Papas  - Lemon Drop

*I received a sample of the featured product for purpose of this review, however all thoughts remain my own.* After almost 8 years and 4 babies, I think I have owned about 8 or 9 different strollers.  I really lost count.  Some new, some used, all have had their moments, but all have had their… 

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My New Favorite Shoes for Summer from Blu Kicks + GIVEAWAY

Blu Kicks5

Summer has finally arrived here in Northern Minnesota.  Let the days of going to the beach, park, playground, zoo, etc begin.  The past two weeks I spent bringing my kids to swimming lessons.  Luckily I received the perfect pair of canvas slip on shoes for summer from Blu Kicks. I love my new Bali Pink… 

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