Cranberry Orange Protein Clusters Recipe: On the Go with Cheerios Protein

Cranberry Orange Protein Clusters Recipe

Finding something quick and easy to eat on the go can be a challenge, especially one that packs some protein and fills you up! But General Mills asked me create a recipe that does all that using their new Cheerios Protein cereal. They sent me some products for inspiration, and I was immediately attracted to the… 

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Yezz by Quinny Ultra Lightweight Modern Stroller {Giveaway}

Quinny by Yezz Stroller Colors

Whether you live in a big city or out in the country, every mom can appreciate an ultra lightweight stroller that is extra portable.  Tasks like finding space in a small car, traveling through an airport, hoisting a stroller into a vehicle are all easier with a lightweight stroller that folds into an ultra compact design…. 

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Capture Video from a New Perspective with the Action Shot Cam

Action Shot Digital Camera Joe

My husband Joe loves to run. He trains for full and half marathons and one of his favorite ways to train is using the trails which are very close to our house. We are so lucky to have them close by and they give him great views and challenging hills to keep things interesting.  When… 

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PLAYMOBIL Take Along Soccer Match {Review and Giveaway} CLOSED

4214 Wurfgleiter Extreme_RZ.fh

This summer has brought a new dynamic to our family as both Danica and Kurtis started playing soccer.  My husband Kyle and I never played soccer growing up and are new to the rules of the game.  It has been interesting to encourage our children in a sport we know very little about. (They didn’t… 

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Easy Salsa Roll Up Recipe from Kraft Foods

Kraft Salsa Roll Ups 2

Now that I’ve entered the second trimester of my pregnancy, my relationship with food has taken a drastic shift. For several weeks I could often think of only a few foods I could even imagine eating (usually salad, chicken or fruit) and now I can’t stop thinking of food in general. Almost everything sounds good… 

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