Green Giant Has a Giant Surprise??? #AGiantSurprise

Green Giant Veggie Snack Chip Varieties

Do you enjoy surprising people with some amazing trick or talent? I wish I could say that I could do that. Certainly I have some talent, just not anything that could be used for entertainment purposes. So when I heard Green Giant is looking for people to share their surprise talents with them, I was… 

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Eat Interesting with Mission: No-Fry Mexican Ice Cream in Tortilla Bowls Recipe

Mission Foods Mexican No Fry Ice Cream Sugar Tortilla Bowl 1 WM

Mission has challenged 10 bloggers nationwide to put a unique twist on a recipe that incorporates Mission  products and they are offering prizes to you just for voting.  I am thrilled to be participating in this challenge! It should come as no surprise that I chose to create a dessert that utilizes Mission tasty tortillas. I love desserts that have… 

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Easy Salsa Roll Up Recipe from Kraft Foods

Kraft Salsa Roll Ups 2

Now that I’ve entered the second trimester of my pregnancy, my relationship with food has taken a drastic shift. For several weeks I could often think of only a few foods I could even imagine eating (usually salad, chicken or fruit) and now I can’t stop thinking of food in general. Almost everything sounds good… 

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